How and Why

As anticipated, there are many questions about what motivated us to start this brand, and how we did it. Well, to be honest with you, we asked ourselves the same questions multiple times.
We are two young professionals that have always felt good when we looked good, and by looked good, we mean "put together". While we had friends who loved makeup and all things beauty, we always gravitated toward all things fashion.
We often found ourselves up late at night browsing on other online clothing stores, or following many inspo social media pages to keep up with trends. It was very clear to us that we had a strong passion for fashion.
However, growing up academically sufficient in a community that prioritizes further education after graduation, we found ourselves endeavoring on a journey without really thinking much more about it. While one is en route to become a Lawyer, the other is working her way into the Accounting and Finance world. Now, don't get us wrong, we love what we're aspiring to be; however, we finally realized there is more than one pathway to get there.
It is a misconception that everything we do in our lives has to constantly involve our "future" career, and there is a single set route to get there. We finally realized that's not true and we can have the best of both worlds.
After the realization, there was a lot of doubt. We always saw people around us, or across the globe going out and accomplishing everything they wanted. However, we felt we were in a rut, constantly going through the motions and working toward something that yet seemed so far away. We would often think "what if we started this? what if we did that?", but would soon be silenced with that voice in our heads - "how could we do it? why would anybody shop our clothes?"
Well, one day, years later, we finally decided to go for it. While one phoned the other with a proposition, the other jumped onboard rather quickly. We stayed up all night wondering how it would go if we were to go forth with it, having no idea where to begin. As we started to research, things slowly started to fall into place. Now, let me tell you we both have a background in business, so it was much easier to apply concepts here. Once the wagon started rolling, we couldn't stop discussing, planning and searching for opportunities that could help us open up our own business. There you have it, now here we are doing something we've always loved and been passionate about. It sounds cliche, but you really do have to follow your dreams and take a leap! You don't need to know exactly where you're going, all you have to do is start and figure things out as you go.
So to everyone who may be reading this, this is a reminder to just START! We were no different than you, and we still are no different than you. All we did was start - everyone starts somewhere. Do we know exactly where we're going? No. But we have many ideas and aspirations, and we are constantly growing and moulding.
Now, as we approach our launch (will be announced soon), it is needless to say that we are beyond nervous. However, we are also very optimistic and hopeful - this outweighs the nerves in large! We appreciate the patience but just hang in there a bit longer until we launch to see our products. In the meantime, look out for any posts leading up to our official launch!!
Until next time, Xo.